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Svenska Församlingar

Task T199784 "Wikidata cleaning Svenska Församlingar"

"Församling" - Swedish Church Parish - Wikidata

"Församlingar" and NAD status

Map with objects of instance of or subclass of "Svenska Kyrkans församling" link +3257 objekt

New also using P6192 Bygdeband site containing local history material added by +600 local history communities in Sweden see blog

Map with all objects that has NAD P5324 and koordinater P625 link +2774 objekt
  • ==> gammelsvenskby Ukraina is part
  • all parishes without a NAD archive are missing
  • WD objects that need a coordinate

    Group by Administrative P131

    Group by Nuvarande Administrative P3842 - historiska församlingar

    Coord, Församling and no NAD

    Församlingar with more "församlingskoder"

    This concept means that one WD object is represented by more #församlingskoder. In WD we set P4390 mapping relation type and as qualifier narrow match

    Församlingar with an enddate

    Församlingar and NAD no value status

    Constraint violations

    see Wikidata:Project_chat ...constraint violations WDQS or T192567

    Errors on a map

    Nr Errors per P131 administrative unit - bar chart

    WD error reports

  • Changes to objects that are an instance of wd:Q615980 "Svenska kyrkans församlingar" - Last week
  • Database error reports
  • Petscan query 5583783 Articles in sv:Kategori:Svenska kyrkans församlingar without församlingskod P778 in WD
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