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About - Kriterium is a portal for review, publication and dissemination of high-quality academic books, in accordance with the principles for open access. Kriterium is a new quality label for Swedish academic books.All books with the Kriterium label will be freely available through open access, in print as well as online.
  • TO BE DONE Wikidata project space - particular focus on the monograph
  • Github space

  • Goal To test how Wikidata can be used describing books and authors and the review process.....

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  • Kriterium evaluation - pilot project
  • Twitter - see what more can be done in #Wikidata #Scholia
  • Test Scholia for authors/books

    Scholia relies on Wikidata, and Wikidata contains only a limited albeit growing subset of the corpus of scholarly literature, its authors and citations. Read more about the limitations in the FAQ.
  • Kriterium as a publisher Comment: Finn Årup Nielsen tweet Initially I had publishers of journals in mind.
  • List authors/coauthors/editors

  • Wikidata: Scientific responsible

    Wikidata: Authors/editors/books

  • List sorted after publish date
  • List LIBRIS
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  • List ResearchGate
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  • Timeline with Histropedia, variant subjects

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